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Spray Gun

Spray Gun

Crystic Topcoat LS97PAX Low Styrene Content Spray Clear Isophthalic Polyester Topcoat

Crystic Topcoat LS 97PAX Clear is a high performance low styrene content isophthalic polyester topcoat. It is filled, pre-accelerated and formulated for spray application.  Crystic Topcoat LS 97PAX Clear is designed for use where smooth finish is required on the reverse side of a laminate.
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Duratec Vinyl Ester Hi-Gloss Topcoat 1902-045 Black

Duratec Vinyl Ester Hi-Gloss Topcoat 1902-045 Black is a vinyl ester topcoat for the final treatment of plugs and tools where a high quality surface finish is needed. PODRUCED AND SUPPLIED ONLY ON DEMAND (normal lead time: 1-3 weeks)
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