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In pullwinding process the fibers are impreg-nated with a thermoset resin (normally epoxy) and pulled through a heated mould where curing takes place. This process enables an accurate control of the crosswise and longitudinal fibres and thus properties of the final product by adjusting the amount of lengthwise and crosswise fibres. The products are cut to length at the end of production line.

During this process, the reinforcing fibres are wound onto the UD yarns by rotating winding equipment. Winding the fibres on twice in this way provides greater bending and torsional strength than in the case of pultruded or extruded tubes.

Some application ideas: Support structures, robot arms, bicycle parts, mass critical machinery items such as textile machine parts, telescopic poles, camera tripods, tool handles, kite tubes, microphone booms, Hi-Fi music stands, defence applications and many more.

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