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Replacement foam for roll 110 mm

Foam Roller Refill 110 mm

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Foam roller refill for paints.
Length: 110 mm


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Foam roller refill for paints.
Length: 110 mm

Because of the way they absorb paint, foam paint rollers are most useful on smooth surfaces. When a wall has been finished to a fine, smooth flatness, the foam roller glides along and dispenses paint evenly.

The benefit of using foam is that it absorbs liquids easily, and when the outer surface of the foam is smooth, it redistributes that same liquid evenly. In the painting world, thin paints absorb well, so varieties like water-based paints and latex work ideally with foam rollers.

On the other hand, oil-based paints tend to be thicker and more syrupy than liquid-like. Try to avoid using foam rollers with oil-based paints, as they likely won't absorb as completely or as evenly, thus negatively impacting the finished paint job.

As stated, foam rollers are especially absorbent, which translates to taking in a larger volume of paint than a traditional roller might. Having lots of paint in the tank, means it's a tool best suited to having a lot of surface to cover.

Brushes or other tools may better serve a painter on smaller wall and surface areas.

Foam roller covers do not tend to last a long time. They are great for when a painter does not take on jobs routinely. If you're the kind of craftsmen who only paints a room when you get sick of its current color once every few years, foam rollers are for you. They're inexpensive, and while useful, are in no way precious.

If you do anticipate that you'll be painting frequently, traditional lambskin rollers may be a better idea, since a one-time purchase will last you quite a while.


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Foam Roller Refill 110 mm x pack of 10 units

3 Items

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