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RAL 6001 Crystic GT-600 PAX Isophtalic Topcoat - BRUSH

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Product description and approvals

Crystic® Ral 6001 GT-600 is a preaccelerated high-performance isophthalic polyester topcoat formulated for application with brush or roller.
Crystic® GT-600 polyester topcoat has been developed to possess excellent intrinsic resistance to water and to atmospheric agents. The profile of viscosity ensures uniform coverage with a sagging, a minimum and a film of low porosity.

The topcoat Crystic® GT-600 is recommended for marine, building & construction and transportation sectors. Crystic® GT-600 Topcoat has been approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

GelTint offers the latest technology in pigments and gels to produce a high quality product that offers ease of use, finish and long-lasting. You can contact us at Castro Composites, if you need custom made colours.

The greatest virtue of GelTint is the speed of the service.

Features and advantages


  • Isophthalic resin-based
  • Excellent resistance to water and to the formation of blisters
  • High elongation


  • Good impact resistance
  • Easy application
  • Excellent surface finish

Application by brush


- Before use, make sure that the gelcoat has reached the temperature of the workshop (15 °C - 25 °C).
- Add a 2% PMEC 50% or a catalyst equivalent.
- Gently shake the topcoat, manually or with a lightweight stirrer.
- Use long passes with the brush and exert a uniform pressure for applying the topcoat in a uniform layer on the surface of the mold.
- Apply the topcoat to reach the recommended thickness: 600-800 microns.
- It is applied as a final layer of laminates of reinforced polyester and never on mold.

Not recommended

- Do not shake the topcoat with a mixer on high speed, since this would break temporarily the tixotropía and cause sagging.
- Do not apply a layer of more than 800 μm, since layers of a thickness greater contribute to the retention of air.
- Does not catalyze more topcoat that can be applied before it starts to gel, as it will result in waste and a possible exothermic reaction.

Additives and variants

The topcoat Crystic® GT-600 should only be used with pigments GelTint specific. The data of this sheet are applicable to all varieties of pigmented.

The incorporation of additional material can affect the running properties, curing or performance outside of the topcoat. Please refer to the technical service department of Castro Composites prior to use of the gelcoat on different parameters to those specified.

After curing

The topcoat Crystic® GT-600 allows you to perform protections of laminates suitable for many applications by means of curing at the temperature of the workshop (15 °C-25 °C). However, to obtain optimal properties, the laminates must be cured subsequently before putting them in service. For its part, the mold should be cured for 24 hours at the temperature of the workshop, and then in the oven for 16 hours at 40 °C.

Tests recommended

It is recommended that customers test all topcoats pigmented before using them in their own conditions of application to ensure that you get the surface finish required. We recommend that customers new GelTint or existing clients that are using new colors of GelTint try out the product prior to use in a large-scale production. Given the character and the quick service of the process of GelTint, do not take samples of the final product to preserve them.

Packaging and storage

Crystic® Topcoat GT-600PAX should be stored in its original container, under cover and out of direct sunlight. These should be kept closed and airtight. It is recommended that the storage temperature is lower than 25 °C, and that the product does not freeze. Storing the product outside of these conditions can adversely affect the properties of the product and reduce its shelf life. Ideally, the containers should be opened only immediately prior to use. The material must be used within 5 months from the date of production.

Health and safety

Read the material safety data Sheet material separately before using this product. The products of unsaturated polyester release heat when cured in bulk.

Supply type

Topcoat Crystic GT-600 PAX x container of 1 kg* supplied with 20 g of catalyst

Topcoat Crystic GT-600 PAX x container of 5 kg* supplied with 100 g of catalyst

Topcoat Crystic GT-600 PAX x container of 18-20 kg* supplied with 0.5 kg of catalyst

*Weights are approximate, since depending on the RAL colour selected the content by weight may vary slightly up or down. To see the exact quantities of each RAL colour, please click on the following link: total Weight of the container by RAL

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