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Recolored pearl pigments

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Recolored series pearl pigments have both glittering luster and kinds of color effect, consisting of platelets of mica coated with a thin layer of Metal Oxide and absorption pigments. Some of these pearl pigments are made by coating the absorption pigments on the silver white pearl pigment. Sliver white color can be seen at reflection angle and the color of absorption pigment is diffuse reflected and seen at side-glance angle. Some of these pearl pigments are produced by adding absorption pigments to coat on the interference or metallic luster pearl pigment, creating brighter and purer chromatic effect

APPLICATION: Cosmetics, Paints, Coatings, Plastics, Print/Ink.                      GRADE: Cosmetics Grade   ;   Industry Grade  √  

These pigments reflect the light and the brightness when they are added to the epoxy resin thus creating an effect of iridescence. Are light particles, and therefore very concentrated. They have very good UV resistance.


Between 5 and 25 g are sufficient to stain 1 litre. Being very light they remain in suspension once mixed with the resin.

The amount of mother-of-pearl depends mainly on the thickness of the resin layer. The smaller the thickness, the more must be charged particles (up to 5%). By contrast, for thicknesses large, it is possible to reduce the content of mother-of-pearl to 0.1% (i.e., 10 g / L)

When you make a table with a river of resin “River Table”, it is recommended to have a dark background if the thickness is small (less than 5 cm), since the nácares have a low opacity and you can see through them.

To increase the effect of brightness and depth you can mix the particles with dyes translucent to epoxy.


S22: do Not breathe dust. The powders pearlescent are very thin and volatile and should not be inhaled. It should work with mask or extraction of air during mixing. Once mixed, there is no longer a danger.

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