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Crystic VE679PA Hand Lay-Up Vinyl Ester-DCPD Resin

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Crystic Resin VE679PA is a pre-accelerated thixotropic DCPD modified vinylester resin. Developed for use as a skin coat in marine and tooling applications. Excellent blister resistance and reduced print through. 

Crystic VE 679PA has excellent blister resistance and significantly reduces the occurrence of print through, to produce durable mouldings with an enhanced surface finish.

Crystic VE 679PA is approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for use in the construction of craft under their survey.

Crystic VE 679PA must be thoroughly stirred and allowed to attain workshop temperature (18°C - 20°C) before use. It needs only the addition of a catalyst to start the curing reaction. Either Butanox LPT or Butanox M50 catalyst can be used, which should be added at 2% into the resin.

Gel time with 2% of MEKP for 100 g at 25 ºC: 23 min.

Deflection Temperature under load† (1.80 MPa): 94 ºC, after 24 hrs at 20°C + 3hrs at 80°C.


Type of supply

Crystic VE679PA Hand Lay-Up Vinyl Ester-DCPD resin x 1 kg, supplied with 20 g of MEKP

Crystic VE679PA Hand Lay-Up Vinyl Ester-DCPD resin x 5 kg, supplied with 100 g of MEKP

Crystic VE679PA Hand Lay-Up Vinyl Ester-DCPD resin x 25 kg, supplied with 0.5 kg of MEKP

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ihorHi, I use the resin VE 679 as a face of molds, but I can not stand the cleaning of the molds, it leaves marks and it stays sticky. For what is this? Is the first layer something else?


Good morning and thanks you for your question. The Crystic 679PA resin is generally not used as a side face of a mold, for this purpose gel coats are used, although it can use it but adding paraffin (between 2 and 4% by weight) to avoid that it is "sticky" or mordant. I hope I have clarified your doubt. Greetings.

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Funciona fantásticamente con la fibra de vidrio y el resultado espectacular, un molde de gran rigidez.
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