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Crestapol®1213A, filled, partially accelerated, urethane acrylate resin

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Crestapol®1213A is a highly filled, partially accelerated, tough, urethane acrylate resin designed for applications
requiring the highest levels of fire & smoke performance. It incorporates a selected grade of Alumina Trihydrate (ATH)
which makes it suitable in the production of laminates where excellent fire resistance and low levels of smoke & toxic
fumes are required. Crestapol® 1213A is halogen free and does not contain heavy metals.

Resin/Glass Ratio Crestapol®1213A ‐ resin to glass by weight ratio of 3.5 : 1 is recommended for hand lamination.


Crestapol®1213A has been primarily designed for use in closed mould applications, including RTM and Vacuum infusion
with suitable reinforcements, but its properties make it also suitable for use in contact moulding techniques, such as hand

Due to its excellent fire, smoke & toxicity properties, the product can be used in the most demanding applications in the
building and construction, public transport and railway.

Features and Benefits

Crestapol®1213A is a versatile resin with excellent fire, smoke & toxicity properties and good mechanical properties. Its
viscosity characteristics have been designed to promote a good resin flow through the mould using appropriate
reinforcements, whilst minimising filler settlement during storage. It is recommended for use when excellent low smoke,
low toxic fume emissions and fire resistant laminates is desired.
Key features are:

• Low viscosity
• Rapid cure
• Excellent toughness
• No post cure required
• Pre-filled with a special grade of Alumina Trihydrate (ATH)
• Excellent surface finish
• Excellent FST performance

Post Curing

Without post cure, Crestapol®1213A can reach approximately 90% of their total cure. Therefore, no post cure is
required. For optimum fire retardant properties, however, laminates should be post cured before being put into service.
The laminate should be allowed to cure for 24 hours at 20°C, and then be oven cured for 3 hours at 80°C.

Type of Supply

Crestapol®1213A, supplied in a 5 kg metal container + 75 g of powder BPO catalyst 

Crestapol®1213A, supplied in a 25 kg metal container + 375 g of powder BPO catalyst 

Crestapol®1213A, supplied in a 200 kg metal container + 3 kg g of powder BPO catalyst 

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