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Castropox Clear Cast Epoxy Resin

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Castropox Clear Cast is a clear casting epoxy resin used mainly for flooring applications where good transparency, surface aspect, as well as hard-wearing mechanical properties are needed. It is also suitable for achieving high gloss clear aestethic layers of epoxy resin over tabletops, bar tops, carbon fiber composite sheets, etc.

It is also very used for tabletops, furniture or simply for decorative effects of aesthetic carbon panels, photograps, etc.

 Its little sensitivity to humidity and temperature make Castropox Clear Cast Epoxy Resin a choice system for applications all year long without having surface pollution defects.

It is also used for art were its perfect transparency and levelling characteristics enable to obtain surfaces with the lowest refractive index possible, enhancing the subtract it is cast on.

It is also possible to use epoxy pigments in order to obtain a full opaque colour or with compatible dyes for translucid colours. Ask for advice or simply log to our online store where you will find a wide range of pigments and dyes.

On coloured shop floors, in order to make a long lasting floor, it is recommended to mix the desired epoxy pigment paste or dye with the resin and apply a first coat. Applying a second coat of pure transparent resin will enable to obtain a good visual deepness effect – and resist for a long time as any wear and tear will happen on the transparent coat, leaving the colour coat underneath untouched. This will enable to re-coat once deemed necessary with transparent resin again in hard wearing application such as shop floors with high transit.

For more rugged flooring application with heavy machinery passage, this system maybe used in conjunction with silica sands (same grade as swimming pool filters which are usually precisely calibrated): once the resin mixed with its pigment and hardener, it is rolled on the floor, and immediately after application, spread sand all over the resin until full covering of the resin is done with a layer of dry sand (3,5 to 4 kg/m²).

The next day (24h at 23ºC) the sand excess that did not adhere to the resin is removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner and a new coat of resin is applied, with again the sand spreading until full covering if deemed as necessary.

On waterproof subtracts, wait 30 to 40 minutes before spreading sand to give some time to the resin to adhere well to the subtract and for the resin to start to increase viscosity. This also enables to reduce the sand consumption (2,5 to 3kg/m2).

Thicknesses of 2 to 3mm are rapidly obtained with this technique, depending on the architect specifications.Once the final thickness is obtained (usually 1 to 2 coats), a last coat of resin should be applied by roller of rubber squeegee to ensure that the sand is covered and bonded to the undercoat.

The rugosity obtained will enable to have non slip floors that will resist to heavy duty traffic and regular pressured water washing, while being economical due to the addition of the sand. This technique will guarantee much longer wearing resistance of the floor coating compared to a paint film of only a few microns.Use Nail Spiked Shoes to walk over the freshly applied resin.


Surface preparation

A good surface preparation is key to a good result. 

It is best practise to always sand/shotblast all floors, new or old until a clean, solid and flat surface is obtained.

New concrete/cement floors all show cement latency on the surface. Sanding/planning/shot blasting is recommended to remove the latency.

Old floors if they show dirt, oil or greases should be first degreased and pressure washed, before sanding/shotblasting.


Primer coat

In order to avoid air release from the concrete, wood or other porous subtract, it is recommended to use one coat of the water based primer Resolcoat 1010+1014 (70 g/m2). 

If the floor is being renovated and shows risk of presence of grease/soils or other pollutants, a thorough pressure washer cleaning is recommended to use RESOLTECH´s solvent based primer RESOLCOATPRIMER A+B instead of 1010+1014.



Application on uneven/rugged concrete surface: spread with a Nº3 notched spatula (or serrated squeegee) 450 g/m² of Castropox Clear Cast. On even/smooth cement, apply 300 g/m² with a Nº2 notched spatula.

When a clear layer is desired, the recommended applied layer should have a thickness between 1 and 3 mm. If you want to achieve 1 mm per m2, you should cast 1 kg of Castropox Clear Cast Epoxy Resin.

  • This means that 1 kg of resin per sqm = 1 mm thickness
  • 2 kg of resin per sqm = 2 mm thickness
  • 3 kg of resin per sqm = 3 mm thickness

Type of supply

Castropox Clear Cast (1 kg Resin + 0,5 kg Hardener)

Castropox Clear Cast (5 kg Resin + 2,5 kg Hardener)

Castropox Clear Cast (30 kg Resin + 15 kg Hardener)

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Manuel Bohórquez I would like to know if this resin can be applied on a vertical surface. Thank you.


Good morning Mr. Bohórquez,

Well the answer is no, it would slip. They are designed for horizontal application. We are sorry.


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La primera impresión en los primeros trabajos muy bien. Se nivela bien y hay pocos problemas con burbujas. No huele mal. Hay que tener cuidado con los depósitos pequeños (500 g) de los endurecedores que no tienen una posición muy estable y al abrir la primera vez hay que tocar suave para que no sale el material.
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Respetando las mezclas,temperatura y tiempo de curado (72 horas) es una resina transparente y muy resistente.Recomiendo 100%
El producto se aplica fácilmente y el resultado es excelente, transparente y ultrabrillante.
Excelente acabado. Me gusta mucho.
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Tarda en secar. Hasta el segundo día no alcanza su dureza óptima. Pero el acabado es muy bueno, resistente a la abrasión y con muy poco olor.
impeccable le produis et tous se que je recherche
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