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Crystic 489PACC35 Hand Lay-Up Isophthalic Polyester Resin

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CRYSTIC 489PACC35 is a thixotropic, pre accelerated, isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin. It has very good osmosis and weathering resistance under marine environement. The resin will change its colour when the catalyst is added.


CRYSTIC 489PACC35 has been designed to be used by spray or by hand lamination.

Features Benefits

Adjusted viscosity…………………...… Rapid impregnation of the reinforcement
Long polymer chain…………………… Resistance to water,
Colour change system…….......... Visibility of catalyst addition
High elongation at break............. Less risk of cracks
Low exotherm…………………………… Production of thick laminates


The following cold curing formulation is recommended:
CRYSTIC 489PACC35 : 100 parts
Catalyst M : 1 to 2 parts
Catalyst M is a Méthyl Ethyl Kétone Peroxyde at 50% such as the Butanox M 50 from AKZO or equivalent.

Gel time

The ambient temperature, the quantity and the type of catalyst will control the gel time of the resin. The gel time at 25°C of 100g of resin with 2ml of Catalyst M is 35 mins. Curing should not be carried out at temperature below 15°C.


Since certain pigments, fillers or extra styrene may the affect properties of CRYSTIC 489PACC35, their effect should be evaluated before addition to the formulation.


For most applications satisfactory result will be obtained by curing at room temperature (20°C). Some improvement in properties may be obtained by post-curing 16 hours at 40°C after release from the mould.

Typical properties on liquid resin

  • Viscosity at 25 ºC, Rheomat at 37,35 sec-1: 3.7-5.0 dPa.s
  • Specific gravity at 20 ºC: 1.1 g/cm3
  • Volatile content: 41-45%

Typical properties on fully cured resin

  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 75 °C
  • Elongation at break: 3,5%
  • Tensile Strength: 75 MPa
  • Tensile Modulus: 3500 MPa
  • Specific gravity at 20 ºC: 1.2 g/cm3

Test according to BS 2782 :1980

1MPa = 1MN/m2 = 1N/mm2 = 10,2 kgf/cm2
* cured 24 h at 20°C then 3 h à 80°C exept for the HDT where the schedule was 24 h at 20°C then 5 h 80°C then 3h 120°C.

Type of supply

Crystic 489PACC35 Hand Lay-Up ISO Polyester Resin x 1 kg, supplied with 20 g of MEKP catalyst

Crystic 489PACC35 Hand Lay-Up ISO Polyester Resin x 5 kg, supplied with 100 g of MEKP catalyst

Crystic 489PACC35 Hand Lay-Up ISO Polyester Resin x 25 kg, supplied with 0.5g of MEKP catalyst

Crystic 489PACC35 Hand Lay-Up ISO Polyester Resin x 225 kg, supplied with 5 kg of MEKP catalyst

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