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PVC Foam Divinycell H80 50 mm GSWC30 GPC1 for infusion View larger

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PVC Foam Divinycell H80 50 mm GSWC30 GPC1 for infusion

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GSWC30 is a grid scored material in two directions, which makes it formable and flexible for use in curved molds or applications.

The sheet has U-shaped cuts in length and width direction of the sheet almost all the way through the core. To reinforce the sheet a light weight fiberglass scrim fabric is used on the opposite side of the cuts.

Typical measurements:

Center-to-center: 30 mm

Depth (D): 2 mm from bottom of sheet

Width (W): 1.3 mm, U-shaped cut


• Easy and robust to handle

• Multipurpose suitability

• Core bedding vacuum bonding

• Formable

GSWC30 is probably one of the most commonly used and appreciated finishes due to its flexibility and easy to use characteristics. The most common way to install grid scored materials in a curved mold is to allow the grid scores to close, in a concave mold -the cuts are facing the installer, therefore yielding the following benefits;

• Reduces resin uptake

• Decreases resin shrinkage -less surface printing

• Reduces exothermic temperature

Typical applications

• Blades

• Nacelles

• Hulls

• Superstructures

• Tanks

• Etc.

GPC1 is an attribute to our core materials, developed to make the infusion process reliable, fast and roobust on flat or slightly curved surfaces, while imprints on the surface are minimized. One side of the core is grooved and perforated, while the other side has perforations only.

Typical measurements:

Center-to-center: 20 mm

Depth (D): 2 mm

Width (W): 2 mm

Diameter of perforation: 2 mm


• Reduces cost

• Saves labor

• Bi process window

• Minimizing the risk of print throughs from the core

• Facilitating easy and fast lay-up of infusion strategy

Type of supply

PVC Foam Divinycell H80 30 mm GSWC30 GPC1 for infusion x Sheet of 1.220 x 813 x 50 mm

PVC Foam Divinycell H80 30 mm GSWC30 GPC1 for infusion x 6 sheets box of 1.220 x 813 x 50 mm 

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