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Release Agents & Sealers

We offer a good range of release agents: poly vinyl alchohol, waxe and semi-permanent release agents.

Semi-permanent mould release technology has provided industries with an alternative to the traditional “shop-spray” or high volume, apply-every-cycle release agent.

We have focused on taking the message to our customers that more is not necessarily better when it comes to applying mold release agents. Today’s highly sophisticated water-based or solvent-based semi-permanent mold release agent technologies do more with less:

  • You can obtain many mold releases between applications
  • More molding cycles can be attained per working shift due to efficient release ease and the need to apply the release system less frequently
  • Low product application levels result in a cleaner working environment
  • Scrap can be significantly reduced
  • Molds can remain in production for extended periods of time due to the low contribution by the release system itself to in-mold build-up and the extremely high mold protection properties provided
  • Complicated parts can be made in a trouble-free manner since products with elevated lubricity can be specified where appropriate
  • Molded parts retain consistently good cosmetic appearance
  • Molded parts can be post-painted or glued with little or no surface preparation

The relatively small amounts of mold release agents that need to be applied to the mold means that storage space is reduced. Products can be formulated ready-to-use -- making dilution equipment redundant. Overall, our mold release agents represent an added-value proposition that can be tailored to many types of molding applications.

To find out if semi-permanent technologies would work for your process contact us and talk with one of our industry experts.

Specific to use in molding of composite and polyurethane materials are Mold Primers or Preparation Pastes. These are an integral part of the Primer/Sealer/Release Agent combination (i.e. "the release system"), and are used to leverage the release agent properties to provide for an even greater number of releases between release agent application, along with easier release and greater part surface qualities.

Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) mould release agent can be wiped, brushed or sprayed on to a wide range of plug and mould surfaces to provide a  reliable release barrier for polyester, urethane-acrylate, vinyl ester and epoxy thermosetting resins.
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Chemlease® Mold Cleaner EZ

Chemlease® Mold Cleaner EZ is a special blend of solvents designed to dissolve and remove wax and dirt from composite molds. Ideal for preparing composite mold surfaces for the application of Chemlease® Mold Sealers and Releases. Also excellent for cleaning brushes and equipment.
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Chemlease 2693W

Chemlease® 2693W is a high performance release coating that has been created to give multiple releases. Chemlease® 2693W is so versatile that it can be used for most moulding operations.
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Zyvax FlexZ 6.0 Semipermanent Release Agent

Zyvax® Flex-Z™ 6.0 Extra Slip Use on difficult-to-release male moulds or as a flange release.Suitable for the manufacture of composite parts on moulds with all kinds of resins: polyester, vinyl ester, urethane-acrylate and epoxy. 
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Zyvax FlexZ 5.0 semipermanent release agent

Zyvax® Flex-Z™ 5.0 (High Slip) Excellent choice for small parts and high wear areas.Suitable for the manufacture of composite parts on moulds with all kinds of resins: polyester, vinyl ester, urethane-acrylate and epoxy.
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Zyvax FlexZ 4.0 Semipermanent Release Agent

Zyvax® Flex-Z™ 4.0 (Medium/High Slip) If you don't know where to start, start here. Suitable for the manufacture of composite parts on moulds with all kinds of resins: polyester, vinyl ester, urethane-acrylate and epoxy. 
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Zyvax FlexZ 3.0 Semipermanent Release Agent

Zyvax® Flex-Z™ 3.0 (Medium Slip) Standard choice for large hulls and flat areas. Suitable for the manufacture of composite parts on molds with all kinds of resins: polyester, vinyl ester, urethane acrylate and epoxy. 
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Chemlease 15 Sealer EZ (substitutes Sealer GP)

Chemlease® 15 Sealer EZ is a high performance sealer developed to condition and seal mold surfaces, reduce mold porosity and act as a base for new or reconditioned molds.
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Paste Wiz HC Wax Release Agent

PasteWiz is an easy to apply an polish paste wax release agent with a pleasant fragrance. PasteWiz products have a place in every composite molding operation and are preferred by many for the simplicity of use.
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Mould Release Paste WAX OSKARS M 700/C

Especially formulated for easier application to polyester- and epoxy moulds. Highly heat-resistant (80-100ºC).Provides outstanding mould protection and easy release of finished parts. Formulated to prevent wax build-up.
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Zyvax® WaterClean Water-Based Mould Cleaner

Zyvax® WaterClean has been developed to provide an effective, water-based alternative to solvent washing for the removal of surface contaminants from moulds and moulded parts. Zyvax® WaterClean eliminates solvent washing when preparing parts for painting, bonding or other processes that require a completely clean surface.
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80 microns PTFE Teflon-Coated Glass Fabric V7PT80

Nonporous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film, better known as Teflon, used as demoulding film on models and moulds in composites processes, especially in the manufacture of parts or prepregs moulds.
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Sealer Mikon® 399 MC

Mikon® 399 MC is a specially designed surface sealer for porous surfaces to seal them with a high gloss finish. The sealing impresses with its simple application. If handled properly, you neither have to sand nor to polish. 
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Mikon 227 MC release agent

Release Agent Mikon® 227 MC is an ultra-fast evaporating, multi-purpose semi-permanent mould release agent that is used to release most thermosetting resins from gelcoated and non-gelcoated mould materials.
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Acmosan P82-99 Mould release wax

Silicone free wax release agent specially recommended for applictions where polyester or epoxy resins are involved.
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