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Release Agents & Sealers

We offer a good range of release agents: poly vinyl alchohol, waxe and semi-permanent release agents.

Semi-permanent mould release technology has provided industries with an alternative to the traditional “shop-spray” or high volume, apply-every-cycle release agent.

We have focused on taking the message to our customers that more is not necessarily better when it comes to applying mold release agents. Today’s highly sophisticated water-based or solvent-based semi-permanent mold release agent technologies do more with less:

  • You can obtain many mold releases between applications
  • More molding cycles can be attained per working shift due to efficient release ease and the need to apply the release system less frequently
  • Low product application levels result in a cleaner working environment
  • Scrap can be significantly reduced
  • Molds can remain in production for extended periods of time due to the low contribution by the release system itself to in-mold build-up and the extremely high mold protection properties provided
  • Complicated parts can be made in a trouble-free manner since products with elevated lubricity can be specified where appropriate
  • Molded parts retain consistently good cosmetic appearance
  • Molded parts can be post-painted or glued with little or no surface preparation

The relatively small amounts of mold release agents that need to be applied to the mold means that storage space is reduced. Products can be formulated ready-to-use -- making dilution equipment redundant. Overall, our mold release agents represent an added-value proposition that can be tailored to many types of molding applications.

To find out if semi-permanent technologies would work for your process contact us and talk with one of our industry experts.

Specific to use in molding of composite and polyurethane materials are Mold Primers or Preparation Pastes. These are an integral part of the Primer/Sealer/Release Agent combination (i.e. "the release system"), and are used to leverage the release agent properties to provide for an even greater number of releases between release agent application, along with easier release and greater part surface qualities.

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