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Who are we?

CASTRO COMPOSITES is a company member of Resinas Castro Group that has been marketing all types of products related to the composites business for more than 48 years.

We are specialized in thermosetting resins (polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, urethane-acrylate, polyurethane, silicone…), gel coats and top coats, reinforcement fibres (aramid, carbon, glass…), adhesives, cores for sandwich construction, (PVC, PET and PU foams; Balsa Wood…), vacuum materials and all type of ancillary materials used for composites processing. 

Since the beginning, we have always fulfilled the needs of our customers in the field of composites, making a special emphasis in continuous technical advice.

We are very comitted to educating our custumers in the right way of using, processing and combining all the materials involved in their applications. This is the reason why we offer a complete range of trainings in composites to our market.

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