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Castro Composites focuses on most of the important thermosetting resins for composite applications. We offer resins for hand lay-up, spray-up, infusion, RTM, RTM light, pultrusion, etc.

Thermosetting resins are polymers that react thanks to the addition of a catalyst or a hardener causing an exotherm reaction. This reaction can also be boosted by UV or IR radiations or just by a source of heat.

Composite laminates are a combination of fibre reinforcement and resin. Once cured, these finished parts are primarily fiber dominant, meaning their physical properties most resemble those of the reinforcement used. So what role does resin play? It serves two basic purposes:

The matrix bonds the fibres of reinforcement together and helps it conform to a desired shape.
Resin also helps to transfer mechanical loads from the fibers of reinforcement to the entire composite part.

The resin also determines the thermal limit of the composite part. It is very important to know what is the Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) or HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature) of the resin in order to know what will be the heat resistance of the part.

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