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Fibre Reinforcements

Castro Composites offers you a wide catalogue of fibre reinforcements, ranging form the more economic glass chopped strand mats to technical multiaxial glass fabrics, carbon fabrics, aramids (mainly Kevlar), high-molecular weight polypropylene fabrics (Innegra), natural fabrics (flax), as well as combinations of these materials.

Reinforcement usually adds stiffness, resistance and greatly impedes crack propagation. Thin fibres can have very high strength, and provided they are mechanically well attached to the matrix they can greatly improve the composite's overall properties. The right combination bettween fabric and matrix is essential for achiving a long lasting composite.

Fiber-reinforced composite materials can be divided into two main categories normally referred to as short fiber-reinforced materials and continuous fiber-reinforced materials. Continuous reinforced materials will often constitute a layered or laminated structure. The woven and continuous fibre styles are typically available in a variety of forms, being pre-impregnated with the given matrix (resin), dry, uni-directional tapes of various widths, plain weave, twill weave, harness satins, braided, and stitched (multiaxials).

The short and long fibers are typically employed in compression moulding and sheet moulding operations. These come in the form of flakes, chips, and random mate (which can also be made from a continuous fibre laid in random fashion until the desired thickness of the ply / laminate is achieved).

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