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Poly-Fair F24VE  Masilla Viniléster para Modelos y Reparación de Barcos

Crestafix Poly-Fair F24VE Vinylester Fairing Compound for the Marine and Tooling Industry

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Crestafix Poly-Fair F24VE is a vinylester fairing compound for the Marine and Tooling Industry.

Crestafix Poly-Fair F24VE has excellent water and corrosion resistance. It is a light weight, 100% vinylester resin fairing compound and is used below the waterline in the marine industry, or in any environment that requires chemical resistance. Poly-Fair F24VE has good adhesion to cured fiber-reinforced polyester and vinylester laminates and to prepared gelcoat surfaces . It sands easily, has excellent feather-edging, gives a hard finish after a full cure, yet is not brittle and has good impact strength.


Features and Benefits

  • Tack-free with good feather-edging
  • Easy to spread and sand
  • Can be applied up to 1/4” (6mm) thick
  • Good corrosion and heat resistance
  • Inherently tough / non-brittle, good impact strength
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low shrinkage


General Properties




64 g/cm3 (5.37 lbs/gallon)


184.000 Cps



Tack-free surface

Prevents sandpaper clogging

Good feather-edging

After min. Thickness of 3 mm (1/8¨) and ful (24 hour) cure




Syrgis 925 or similar

Gel Time

10 min

Catalyst Levels

W (Winter), 150 oC (600 oF) 1.5%


Before using, thoroughly mix contents in the 5 gallon (19 liter) pail using a mechanical mixer. Mixing the quart (liter) can by hand is sufficient. DO NOT REMOVE ANY POLY-FAIR F24 VE FROM CONTAINER BEFORE MIXING.


Surface Preparation

Substrate contamination will inhibit proper bonding and cure of Poly-Fair F24VE. Prior to application of Poly-Fair F24VE, thoroughly vacuum all surfaces. This operation must be carried out between applications of Poly-Fair F24VE. Condensation on the bonding surface, resulting from parts going through sudden temperature changes, will inhibit adhesion and the cure. Parts must be stabilized within the recommended working temperature limits for Poly-Fair F24VE well in advance of application. Placing parts to be faired into an area with a constant temperature well in advance of Poly-Fair F24VE application is strongly recommended.


Bonding to a Gelcoat Surface:

  • Two acetone washes to remove any residual mold release agent.
  • Sand the gel coat with a scotch bright pad (green) to remove the gloss off the gel coat.


Gelcoat Surface Preparation, cont.

  • One acetone wash to remove any remaining dust from the panel.
  • Spread the Poly-Fair F24VE on the gelcoat surface.
  • Sanding and feather-edging to be done after 24 hours using a 120 grit sand paper.


Fairing/ Application

Mix and catalyze small quantities (max.1 quart) at a time. Turn the catalyzed mixture frequently on the mixing board. This will help to extend the gel time. First pass, apply in a thin layer to wet out the surface. Apply multiple thin layers to bui ld up more thickness. Knock off high spots with a rasp or file between cured layers after about 25 - 30 minutes when The compound still has a cheesy consistency. Do not exceed a maximum thickness per layer of approx 1/4” (6mm). Sand slightly before applying next layer. Sanding can start after approx. 40 minutes at room temperature, but a 24 hour cure will assure you of perfect feather-edging. Gradually reduce the grit size of the sand paper during sanding from 40 to 120 grit. It is not recommended to wet-sand Poly- Fair F24VE because moisture can inhibit the cure cycle. If waiting too long, POLY-FAIR F24 VE becomes very hard and will be more difficult to sand. To test if POLY-FAIR F24 VE is ready for the rasp, scratch with your fingernail, it should turn white (or whiter).



For maximum shelf life, store Poly-Fair F24VE in a cool, dry area, maintaining a temperature between 50°-70°F (10°- 20°C). Avoid storing in heat or direct sunlight. Always allow Poly-Fair F24VE to reach shop temperatures before using. Periodically invert pails (store upside down) to prolong shelf life.


Type of supply

Crestafix Poly-Fair F24VE  x 0.5 kg, supplied with 20 g of catalyst Luperox K12G
Crestafix Poly-Fair F24VE  x 3 kg, supplied with 100 g of catalyst Luperox K12G
Crestafix Poly-Fair F24VE  x 10 kg, supplied with 250g of catalyst Luperox K12G


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