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Crystic R115PAV01 Hand Lay-up Flexible Orthophthalic Polyester Resin

CRYSTIC R115PAV01 is a flexible, pre-accelerated, orthophtalic unsaturated polyester resin that can be used by hand lay up or by spray application for the production of most glass reinforced laminates. This resin can also be used for casting applications.
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Crystic 406NTLV Low Viscosity Casting Ortho Polyester Resin for Artificial Marble

Crystic 406NTLV resin is a non thixotropic, orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin for casting, artificial marble and solid surface applications. It contains UV absorbers allowing a very good resistance to yellowing and to UV radiation.  It has a 5 minute geltime. WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPLIED THIS RESIN ACCELERATED TO AVOID ACCIDENTS
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Recapoli 2196 Clear Casting Polyester Resin

Recoil 2196 is a clear, orthophthalic and pre-accelerated casting polyester resin with UV filter to prevent yellowing.
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