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TensorGrip Natural Rubber & PU

Adhesives from the TensorGrip® range are recommended to bond plywood or MDF, polystyrene or EPS foams, FRP/GRP composites, aluminum/metal sheets, standard laminates, plastics, carpets, synthetic leather, fabrics or to maintain reinforcement fabrics (glass, carbon, aramid, etc.) in place during infusion processes.

TensorGrip® range consists of polyurethane adhesives on the one hand and on the other, an extensive range of natural rubber based adhesives.

Natural rubber adhesive is one of the earliest substances used to bond materials. Because of its capacity to become elastic when heated, it is one of the most popular adhesives, and is typically used in bonding organic and porous materials like leather, synthetic leather, wood, paper, fabrics, as well as other rubber products. Adhesive rubber also offers water-resistant properties, flexibility, and versatility, making it a good choice for reinforcing the backing of carpets and floor rugs.

The flexibility provided by natural rubber adhesives, along with the multiple viscosities that can be formulated using these materials, also make them ideal general-purpose adhesives.

We offer wide range of TensorGrip® natural rubber based formulations for a variety of applications. Our range offers a broad spectrum of high performance, high quality canister solutions that meet the specific needs of many industry sectors.

We’ve spent years assessing the production processes within various industries to ensure that TensorGrip® offers optimum levels of performance, and we believe the results speak for themselves.

Don’t just take our word for it though – consider the following benefits on top of the above:

  • Suitable for use on a wide range of materials
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast drying
  • Easy application control
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