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200 gsm FlaxDry BL 200, 100 cm Roll width

FLAXDRY is a range of flax reinforcements “ready to be used” in composite manufacturingfor hand lay-up, infusion, RTM...This range of flax reinforcements has been developed to mainly enhance the vibration absorption qualities, mechanical properties, weight reduction and aesthetic aspect of composite parts. It also allows the development of greener material.
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450 g/m2 Flax Mat Fibrimat F450, 100 cm Roll width

Thanks to its good drapability and deformability, the felts (mats) of the Fibrimat range can be adapted perfectly to geometries or complex shapes for the production of composites by infusion or RTM.
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110 g/m2 Unidirectional Veil Flaxtape, 400 mm roll width

FlaxTape ™ is a unidirectional flax fiber veil. The consolidation of this veil is based on a patented and 100% natural process.
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