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Tapes / Adhesive Spray

Cork Edge Retainer for Infusion

Cork strips of 2.4 mm thick and 12 mm wide used to delimit the contour of parts manufactured by infusion and thereby achieving uniform pieces edges. Using this material dangerous irregular fiber reinforced tabs are avoided.
€1.02 €1.02 Tax incl. €0.84 Tax excl.

Adhesive Glass Screen Tape 50 mm x 90 m

The adhesive glass screen tapes allow the positioning of fibers and bagging materials during vacuum infusion or RTM processes.
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High Temperature Adhesive Flash Tape K7666

K7666 is manufactured from polyester film, coated with high performance silicone adhesive. This tape can be used in a range of applications including vacuum moulding or vacuum infusion, in oven or autoclave.
€16.62 €16.62 Tax incl. €13.73 Tax excl.

Airtac 2E Tack Spray

Airtac 2E is a spray rubber adhesive designed for temporary bonds. Airtac 2E can be used on materials needing extra tack for placement on vertical or difficult surface areas.
€16.77 €16.77 Tax incl. €13.86 Tax excl.

INFUTAC Positioning Glue (Spray contact adhesive)

INFUTAC is a positioning glue or spray contact adhesive, ideal for holding in place the reinforcements when being laid up during the infusion and RTM processes.
€18.74 €18.74 Tax incl. €15.49 Tax excl.

INFUTAC Clear Fabrics Positioning Glue (Spray Contact Adhesive)

INFUTAC Clear is a high strength holding spray adhesive for reinforcements lay up during the infusion and RTM processes.
€18.74 €18.74 Tax incl. €15.49 Tax excl.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape 1 inch (2.54 cm)

Double sided adhesive tape for holding vacuum spiral tubes, distribution mesh, infusion fittings, etc., during infusion / vacuum processes.
€23.33 €23.33 Tax incl. €19.28 Tax excl.
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