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Fetadit PA-47 Waterbased Epoxy Primer

Fetadit PA-47 is a waterbased epoxy primer with high adhesion to metals, wood, cement & concrete, etc. Ideal for improving the adhesion of laminates made with epoxy resins to these surfaces.
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AntiPest, epoxy Primer of two components

Primer two-component epoxy to be used as a primer on any substrate including steel, fibre glass, aluminium and marine board. Can be used as a primer for polyurethanes, and anti-fouling.
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Resolcoat 3010T/3014T Epoxy High Build Surfacer

RESOLCOAT 3010T is a high build surfacer formulated to create a barrier against water and chemicals to protect a yacht hull as well as providing a perfect surface finish and interface for all marine topcoats.
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Resoltech 1010 / 1014 Waterbased Epoxy Primer

RESOLCOAT 1010 is a unique water based epoxy system. It may be used in a very large number of applications such as primer, varnish, veneer adhesive but also as matrix for self levelling compounds or mortars. Domains of application range from marine construction, furniture manufacturing, industrial & residential construction and fine arts.
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Duratec® 707-002 Polyester Duratec Surface Primer Epoxy Compatible

The ultimate High-Gloss surface primer for wood, MDF, tooling board and composite plugs, patterns and models. Unique air-cure technology for fast cure even with thin coats. Easy to sand, polish to a gloss. Take a mold directly off the Surface Primer or topcoat for the highest gloss. ONLY PRODUCED AND SUPPLIED ON DEMAND (lead time: 1-3 weeks)
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