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Solvents & MW Solution

Surfasolve ®

In this section we highlight this acetone substitute called Surfasolve Tool Cleaner, which is a specially formulated non-hazardous, non-flammable solvent replacement system made from organic sources that is worker safe, and easy to use. Surfasolve Tool cleaner is used with our non-mechanical, non-heated workstation to quickly clean rollers and tools during lamination or as a gun flush for resin equipment. Cleaning is simple and efficient, there is no need to dry or blow off tools after using Surfasolve Tool cleaner. Surfasolve Tool Cleaner has been fully evaluated on its effect in resin curing with little to no degradation in quantities as high as 10% of the resin. Residue from rollers will not cause resin to stop curing like most solvent replacements. Surfasolve Tool Cleaner will continue to work even with a high level of resin load. Resin will continue to cure in the workstation and later on fall to the bottom as a floc. This material can be easily recovered through a simple drum filter as a solid non hazardous waste separated from the liquid Tool Cleaner. This process creates no hazardous waste and will greatly reduce costs associated with solvents such as acetone.

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