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Weighing and Mixing

Weighing and Mixing

Disposable Plastic Mixing Stirrer

Disposable mixing stirrers for paints, resins, gel & topcoats, putties, adhesives and so on. Lenght: 20 cm (7.87 in)
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Plastic Mixing Cup with Lid

Plastic mixing cups for all type of resins, paints, gelcoats, lacquers, putties, adhesives, etc. Resistant to all type of solvents. Include a volumetric scale.
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Disposable Wooden Depressors

Disposable wooden depressors suitable for thorough manual mixing of resins and gel coats with catalysts or hardeners, specially when small amounts are used.
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Digital Weighing Scale up to 5 kg

High accuracy digital (electronic) scales are ideal for accurately measuring gel coats, resins, hardeners, fillers, pigments and a wide range of other products to secure the right mix ratios.
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