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Shears, Scissors and Wedges

Demoulding Rigid Plastic Wedge

Rigid plastic wedge for demoulding composite parts and tools.
€4.36 €4.36 Tax incl. €3.60 Tax excl.

AIRSWEEP Applicators HDPE for prepregs

Applicators manufactured in HDPE, designed to assist in the compaction of pre-impregnated and laminated manuals at difficult angles.
€8.17 €8.17 Tax incl. €6.75 Tax excl.

WBT 2 cutting head serrated

WBT 2 cutting head serrated
€38.72 €38.72 Tax incl. €32.00 Tax excl.

WBT-2 Battery

WBT-2 Battery
€41.14 €41.14 Tax incl. €34.00 Tax excl.

Spare Battery EC-CUTTER

Spare Battery EC-CUTTER
€48.40 €48.40 Tax incl. €40.00 Tax excl.

Aramid EC CUTTER Spare Blade for curves

Aramid EC CUTTER Spare Blade for curves
€54.39 €54.39 Tax incl. €44.95 Tax excl.

Ergonomic Hand Scissors for cutting Aramid Fabrics (Kevlar)

The Kai scissor is ideal for aramid fabrics. This category of difficult fabrics has given rise to the high quality Kai 7240. With it's serrated blade and high carbon, hardened stainless steel blades, fabrics like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Carbon-Fiber, etc. are easily cut.  So, whether you are cutting industrial fabrics to light satins, the Kai 7240 is the right...
€118.10 €118.10 Tax incl. €97.60 Tax excl.

EC Cutter for Glass and Carbon Fabrics

Designed for effortless single-layer cuts. Natural Materials, such as: Cotton, wool, leather, rubber, tapestry, paper and wood veneers.
€156.09 €156.09 Tax incl. €129.00 Tax excl.

EC Cutter for Aramid Fabrics

Designed for effortless single-layer cuts - Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, glass and carbon fiber materials included!
€179.69 €179.69 Tax incl. €148.50 Tax excl.
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