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Resoltech 1050 Infusion Epoxy Resin

The 1050 epoxy laminating system is formulated to manufacture high performance lightweight structures with glass, carbon, aramid and basalt reinforcements with or without post-curing. This epoxy system is also suitable for the manufacture of small to very large structures and composite parts by wet lay-up, infusion, injection moulding or filament winding.
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Resoltech 1200 Hand lay-up Epoxy Resin

RESOLTECH 1200 is a state of the art laminating epoxy system, formulated without reactive diluents (primary cause of allergies) thus improving the H&S working conditions. It allows to manufacture small parts as well as large composite structures & tools with all the existing fibres. The system enables application by wet lay up, vacuum bagging and...
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Resoltech 3350HP Low Density Toughened Structural Epoxy Adhesive

Resoltech 3350HP is a low density toughened structural lightweight epoxy adhesive that enables durable lightweight bonding of materials such as PVC, PET & other core materials on composites structures, wood, aluminium or steel.
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