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Multipurpose epoxy adhesive systems. Ideal for bonding most materials together or to each other: wood, composites, steel, aluminium, concrete, plastics, etc. They are available in easy to use cartridges or in larger packaging. 

Composite patch©

Composite Patch adhesives are essential for underwater or low temperature repairs. Used to repair severely damaged and mechanically risky surfaces.

Epoxy Repair Putty, moisture resistant

Our underwater repair epoxy putty is a two-component epoxy-based putty system. Room temperature curing 1:1 mixing ratio system performing slow curing even underwater.
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Resoltech 3060 Fast Curing Epoxy Adhesive

RESOLTECH 3060 is a fast multipurpose epoxy adhesive system. It bonds most materials together or to each other: wood, composites, steel, aluminium, concrete, plastics and more.
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3M™ Scotch-Weld ™ Epoxy Adhesive DP490 Black-50 ml

DP490 is a black, thixotropic, gap filling two component epoxy adhesive with particularly good application characteristics. It is designed for use where toughness and high strength are required and shows special benefits in the construction of composite assemblies. The product has excellent heat and environmental resistance.
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Resoltech 8050/8058 Epoxy Profiling & Fairing Filler

RESOLTECH 8050 / 8058 is a fast curing, lightweight, and easy sanding epoxy filler. It is a premium choice for profiling & fairing above and below the waterline for professional applicators on steel, aluminum and composite materials.
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Resoltech 3350HP Low Density Toughened Structural Epoxy Adhesive

Resoltech 3350HP is a low density toughened structural lightweight epoxy adhesive that enables durable lightweight bonding of materials such as PVC, PET & other core materials on composites structures, wood, aluminium or steel.
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C -Patch Structural Epoxy Adhesive

Structural epoxy adhesive for secondary laminations, even under extreme temperature conditions (very low) and high humidity. It is applied with conventional silicone guns. Above and under water cure capable system. Also ideal for bonding stone or concrete containing moisture.
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Resolcoat 3010T/3014T Epoxy High Build Surfacer

RESOLCOAT 3010T is a high build surfacer formulated to create a barrier against water and chemicals to protect a yacht hull as well as providing a perfect surface finish and interface for all marine topcoats.
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Resoltech 8050L/8059 ultra fast epoxi filler

RESOLTECH 8050L / 8059 is a ultra fast curing and easy sanding filler. It is a premium choice to substitute polyesters filler. Due to its very fast curing characteristics it is best to use in cartridges and it is particularly suitable for fast repairs of cracks in mould, finishing of small surface defects, caulking between assembly elements... It is...
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