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Varnishes to provide greater resistance to abrasion, UV filters, humidity ...

VITREN One Component Polyurethane Anti-Mildew Varnish

One component polyurethane varnish that works as an elastic anti-mildew varnish and stone surfaces vitrifier. Ideal for waterproofing different types of surfaces.
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Ravilakk Glossy Varnish

Glossy varnish based on Chinese wood oil and synthetic amber. It gives a slightly yellowish, golden tone to be used on all wooden surfaces above the waterline.
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Acrylic varnish 2K spray

Acrylic varnish of 2 components for repairs of partial systems of a bi-layer. Stands out for its resistance to scratches, petrol and good behavior to the outside, as well as for its speed of drying and leveling.
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Varnish polyurethane two-component (2K) that is used for the permanent sealing of painted surfaces. Is specially designed for final finishing of parts and repairs.
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MACROFAN MA380 Airtech UHS High Gloss Spray Polyurethane Clearcoat

High gloss polyurethane spray clearcoat varnish with low volatile emissions (VOC <350 g/l). Ideal for varnishing carbon composite parts where high quality aesthetic is needed.
€44.77 €44.77 Tax incl. €37.00 Tax excl.

BESA GLASS / E-202 High Gloss 2K HS Spray Acrylic Clearcoat

BESA GLASS / E-202 is a two component high gloss clearcoat acrylic varnish for spray applications. Suitable for achieving high gloss and hard coatings in all kind of composite parts made of fibreglass, carbon fabrics, etc.; timber, MD wood, etc.Very used in aesthetic carbon fibre composite parts as a finishing high gloss coat.
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Resolcoat 4000 / 4005 Clear Epoxy Coating Resin

RESOLCOAT 4000 CLEAR / 4005 is a clear epoxy coating system formulated to produce high gloss coatings with the best possible UV stability for an epoxy system with all the high mechanical characteristics epoxies offer compared to other coatings. Maximum layer thickness recommended: 1 mm.
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Macrofan HS 2000 SAT Satin Acrylic Clearcoat

Macrofan HS 2000 SAT is a 2 component acrylic satin clearcoat suitable for finishing cars and motorcycles details already coated with Matt Basecoat, series HYDROFAN or BSB.
€112.53 €112.53 Tax incl. €93.00 Tax excl.
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