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Infusion / RTM

Resoltech 1050 Infusion Epoxy Resin

The 1050 epoxy laminating system is formulated to manufacture high performance lightweight structures with glass, carbon, aramid and basalt reinforcements with or without post-curing. This epoxy system is also suitable for the manufacture of small to very large structures and composite parts by wet lay-up, infusion, injection moulding or filament winding.
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Resoltech 1500 Infusion Structural Epoxy Resin for Tooling & Parts

Resoltech 1500 / 1504 is an epoxy infusion system with an extremely low viscosity that enables structural composite parts& tools manufacturing with glass of carbon fibre. The system is compatible with RESOLTECH ́s range of 140°C tooling gelcoat, laminating and repair systems.
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Resoltech 1800 Infusion Epoxy Resin

RESOLTECH 1800 is an epoxy system for infusion and injection applications with extremely low viscosity for fast and secure reinforcements wetting. 
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RESOLTECH 1080S Epoxy Laminating & Infusion Resin

RESOLTECH 1080S is the highest modulus epoxy system formulated to manufacture high performance, rigid, lightweight structures with glass, carbon, aramid and basalt fibres with or without post-curing. Optimized with a low reactivity, low viscosity and excellent air release properties, is suitable for the manufacture any size structures and composite parts...
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Resoltech HTG200/205 High Tg Infusion Epoxy Resin

High Tg Structural Infusion Epoxy system (200 °C). RESOLTECH HTG 200 / HTG 205 epoxy system is very high Tg resin specially formulated for the production of tooling and large structural composite parts requiring Tg’s and service temperatures up to 200°C.
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