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Casting Polyurethanes

Casting Polyurethanes

PU-31 Rapid Prototyping Casting Polyurethane Resin

High reactivity and low viscosity two component rigid polyurethane without foaming agents. Suitable for the production of parts with a density between 1000 - 1300 kg/m3., high hardness and good physical and mechanical properties.
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PR700 Polyurethane Resin for Casting (ABS Alternative)

Polyurethane resin vacuum casting with high thermal resistance (HDT 130 ° C). Easy to cast even without vacuum. PR700 is an excellent alternative to ABS thermoplastics. Mercury free product suitable with European directive: 2011/65/EC, 2002/96/EC, 2000/53/EC and 2000/11/EC.
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Sistema Elastómero HPE-V2 de dureza ajustable
  • New

HPE-V2 Elastomer System with adjustable Hardness 40-85 SHORE A

High performance elastomer system designed for the production of mechanically and/or thermally stressed technical parts, moulds and models, with a new isocyanate component for the higher hardnesses.
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