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Pultrusion is a continuous process for the manufacture of profiles. Depending on the required strength, a variety of reinforcing materials (roving, mats, fabrics, complexes, non-woven fabrics) may be reeled off coils and rolls and fed into the mould. Using hydraulic clamps or other take-off units, the reinforcing materials are then pulled through a mould matching the geometry of the desired profile.

The reinforcing materials are accurately guided in front of the mould and are impregnated with the matrix (resin, fillers, additives) in a bath respectively by injection in the mould. The matrix in the mould is then cured by heating.

Some application ideas: Support structures, robot arms, bicycle parts, mass critical machinery items such as textile machine parts, telescopic poles, camera tripods, tool handles, kite tubes, microphone booms, Hi-Fi music stands, defence applications and many more.

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