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Vacuum Bagging Films

Bagging films are recommended for the moulding of elaborate forms. Advantages : good mechanical and chemical resistance, important elongation rate, non porous, cost effective. The most standard product for vacuum moulding is our polyamide bagging film PA205. Our new high performance bagging film PO180 with a 50 μ thickness helps to reduce wastes. You can also use our new generation of high elasticity extruded advanced copolymer films, like DIABAG, which has exceptional conformable characteristics, particularly when applied to awkward shapes with deep recesses or undercuts. It permits the moulding of complex forms, save time and wastes.

The new nylon bagging film Ref. PO180 limits waste. Used for vacuum moulding, 50µ of PO180 is equivalent to 75µ traditional film. It is available in lay-flat tubing and sheet.

PO180 is suitable with polyester and epoxy resins, its composition based on polyamide and polypropylene provides good mechanical and chemical properties.

ELASTIBAG is a very resistant film developed for debulding operations or for low temperature curing (below 80°C). Associated with sealant tape LSM6000, it allows a large numbers of cycles because the sealant tape don’t dirty the film. Its high deformability of 800% can match the most complex forms without the port.

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