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Sealant Tapes

Sealant tapes compatible with most bagging films. Also know as tacky tapes.

Ideal for use on all type of tools.

Sealant tapes are used to seal the vacuum bagging film to the tool surface.

Sealant Tape LSM6000 (90 ºC)

Sealant tape for vacuum bag sealing. Maximum working temperature: up to 90 °C.
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Sealant Tape TT-210-Y (210 ºC)

TT-210-Y is a low cost, high temperature multipurpose sealant. Easily removes from metal or composite tooling. It is suitable for curing applications up to 210ºC
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Sealant Tape LSM7000 (210 ºC)

Sealant tape for vacuum bag with heat resistance up to 210 °C.
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