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Perforated Release Films

Belonging to the polyolefin family, these films have a good chemical and thermal resistance for a low cost.

Perforated release films with a large range of resins.
Do not use with autoclave process.

ELA20 Perforated Release Film 25 microns

ELA20 is a polyethylene copolymer perforated release with P3 type holes. Used between the peel ply and the breather cloth during the vacuum bagging process. Allows the flow of air trapped and excess of resin in the laminates.
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PMP200 Solid Release Film 30 microns, 150 cm wide

PMP200 release film is manufactured from Polymethylpentene (PMP) copolymer resin (polyolefin family). It offers to manufacturers of composite products a material which will perform up to 200°C, depending on the specific application, for autoclave constructions. It suitable for the production of aesthetic carbon fibre composite parts when using prepregs...
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