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Reinforcement fibres known thanks to its low specific gravity, high resistance and great stiffness. Its more famouse precusor is PAN (polyacrylonitrile). Carbon fibres are obtained by pyrolisis at temperatures higher than 980 ºC.

The main properties of carbon fibres are the following: high Young modulus (stiffness), excellent tensile strength, electrical conductivity, great fatigue resistance, high weathering resistance and a very low CTE (Coeficient of Thermal Expansion). The very low CTE property makes these fabrics the best choice for the production of composite parts and tools produced in the oven (prepregs) at high temperatures.

Care must be taken when installig carbon composite parts together with metals as they favour galvanic corrosion of the metal. Aluminium, iron or steel must not be used. Titanium is the best choice in these cases.

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