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Types of epoxy resins

Glycidyl ester resins: for electrical insulation, vacuum impregnation, laminations, for casting and high weatherability parts.

Glycidylamine resins: for parts which must retain their mechanical properties at high temperatures, resistant to nuclear radiation, wet lamination.

Brominated resins: for fire resistant parts.

Properties: Excellent mechanical properties. Strong adhesion to almost all materials. Low shrinkage on cure (1-2%) Thermostability.

High chemical resistance. Abrasion resistance. Good electrical properties. Reduced water absorption. At high temperature it shows a decrease of mechanical properties. From 300 °C it begins to burn.

Applications: Mortar and polymer concrete. Injection resins. Adhesives. Manufacture of tools and moulds. Fiber reinforced plastics: wind blades, boats, vehicle bodies, etc. Paintings. Casting resins for the electrical sector.

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