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Brushes and rollers

RAR100 Long Hair Lamination Roller Refill

Long hair refill (14 mm) for Rad Roller RAR100. Ideal for applications of thermosetting resins: polyester, vinylester, epoxy and urethane acrylate.
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White Bristle Laminating Brush

Plastic handle & solvent resistant white bristle laminating brushes. Ideal for application of thermosetting resins, gel coats and top coats. Can be cleaned with acetone or methylethylketone.
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4" Blue Stripe Long Hair Roller Refill

Long hair resin application roller suitable for use in the GRP industry. Made from high quality polyester, heat bonded onto a polypropylene shaft. Ideal for applying topcoats & gelcoats. Measures: 4" x 1,18" (100 x 30 mm)
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Pore Foam Roller Plastic Handle

Plastic handle with metal rod for pore foam roller 11 cm wide.
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Roller Handle RAR 100 mm Refill

Plastic handle refill for roller RAR 100 mm.
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Midi Roller 30 mm Non-drip Refill 150 mm

Midi roller is suitable for use in the GRP industry, made from high quality polyster.
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Flocked Foam Roller Refill for polyurethane enamels

Flocked Foam Roller Refills are suitable for the application of polyurethane enamels o top coats, specially those from Mankiewicz (Bladerep). Ideal for refurbishing painting operations on windmill blades, boats and general use applicactions.
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Lamination Rad Roller RAR100 (long hair)

RAR100 is a resin application roller suitable for use in the GRP industry.
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Micro Plush Roller 50 mm

Professional microfiber fabric rollers for all paints, enamels and thermosetting resins and gel coats. Thanks to the microfibers used fot its production, Micro Plush Rollers deliver a very uniform, even finish.
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Aluminium Finned Roller

Air removal aluminum roller ideal to compact laminations by hand contact with any reinforcement fibre any thermosetting resin.
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Foam Roller Refill 110 mm

Foam roller refill for paints.Length: 110 mm
€8.11 €8.11 Tax incl. €6.70 Tax excl.

Plastic Disc Roller

Plastic Disc Rollers are ideal to drap reinforcement fibers into the corners, during the manufacture of composite parts in hand lamination processes.
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Aluminium Disc Roller

Special roller used to press the fibres and resin into the corners of a mould to create definition.
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Handle for Pore Foam Roller + 10 Refills

Pore Foam Roller is an 11 cm wide roller ideal for epoxy or polyurethane resins or paints. It is also ideal for all types of polyurethane varnishes. The handle is reusable. 
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Short Hair Roller Refill (4 mm) - Velour, 100 x 17 mm for Topcoats

Resin application roller suitable for use in the GRP industry made from high quality polyester. Heat bonded onto a polypropylene shaft, advantage: can be cleaned in acetone. Short hair – Push Fit (Velour, white, length of hair: 4 mm), ideal for applying top coat.
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ROLLER 45 rubber Roller of 45 mm for Prepregs Lamination

ROLLER 45 is a rubber roller that is used to press the putty of closure on the film in vacuum with the aim to obtain a good adhesion between the filler, the vacuum bag and consumables, in a fast and convenient way. It is also used to press fabrics and for the lamination of prepregs. Width 45 mm
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