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Polyester Bonding Pastes
We market a good range of orthophthalic and isophthalic bonding pastes to suit all non-structural applications. These cheaper polyester putties are very convenient when not so demanding performances must be achieved.

Crestafix® 90-84PA Low Density Polyester Bonding Paste

Crestafix 90-84PA is a light weight, low exotherm, pre-accelerated orthophathalic polyester bonding paste. It is a non-sagging compound, designed for non-structural applications where gap filling may be a secondary requirement.  Crestafix 90-84PA has been specifically designed to give weight saving properties and for ease of application.
€13.20 €15.97 Tax incl. €13.20 Tax excl.

Crystic 90-82PA Orthophthalic Polyester Bonding Paste

Crystic BP 90-82PA is pre-accelerated polyester bonding paste. It is a viscous, white and filled compound containing a flexible additive, specifically designed for the assembly and bonding of GRP mouldings. Such applications include panels, inserts, internal frames, ribs, composite constructions and car body components. The use of these bonding pastes...
€13.30 €16.09 Tax incl. €13.30 Tax excl.

Crestafix 90-80PA Bonding Paste with Glass Fibres

Crystic BP 90-80PA is a pre-accelerated orthophthalic polyester bonding paste which is reinforced with 3mm glass fibres. This product exhibits exceptional mechanical and handling properties, has low shrinkage and has better resistance to impact.
€13.80 €16.70 Tax incl. €13.80 Tax excl.

FILL BLACK CARBON Putty polyester color black

Putty polyester color black for the repair of carbon fibre parts. Application with putty knife. Fast drying and easy sanding. Compatible with any filler or primer.
€14.30 €17.30 Tax incl. €14.30 Tax excl.

Crystic Filler X401 Grey RAL 7035 Gap Filling Polyester Putty

CRYSTIC FILLER X 401 is a pre accelerated highly thixotropic polyester compound, specially designed for surface finish at joint line. Application CRYSTIC FILLER X 401 has been developed for filling gaps at the joint line between the halves of wind mill blades.
€17.15 €20.75 Tax incl. €17.15 Tax excl.

Fill Multisoft Beige Polyester Filler

Traditional beige polyester filler for any kind of repair. Very creamy and compact. Easy to sand and fast drying. Especially indicated for large ridges.
€18.50 €22.39 Tax incl. €18.50 Tax excl.

Fill Light Plus (Low weight ultra-light Polyester Filler)

Exceptionally low weight ultra-light filler, that allows for exceptional sanding, minimum humidity absorption and has great adhesive power over Zinc and Tin. Since it contains no mineral charges, the dust is significantly reduced during sanding in comparison to other traditional fillers. Putty with adherent charges and resins over aluminium.
€19.95 €24.14 Tax incl. €19.95 Tax excl.

Fill Glass Polyester Putty (filled with fibreglass)

Fibreglass polyester filler created especially for filling larger imperfections and rusted areas. It sticks directly to the steel surface or body. Easy to sand.
€21.95 €26.56 Tax incl. €21.95 Tax excl.

Fill Multilight Plus ultra-light Polyester Filler

Exceptionally low weight ultra-light filler. Extremely compact and easy to spread with a spatula. Exceptional sanding, minimum humidity absorption, great adhesive power and excellent finish. Since it contains no mineral charges, dust is significantly reduced during sanding in comparison to other traditional fillers. Putty with adherent charges and resins...
€22.35 €27.04 Tax incl. €22.35 Tax excl.

Fill Metal Polyester Filling (filled with Aluminium)

Polyester filling with a high-density content of aluminium that makes it strongly adhesive on steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, etc. Strong filling power, flexible and easy to sand. Efficient anti-corrosive protection. Colour: tin grey.
€24.75 €29.95 Tax incl. €24.75 Tax excl.

CARBO PUTTY polyester putty for Carbon Fibre

Carbo Putty is a transparent polyester putty for carbon parts.
€29.75 €36.00 Tax incl. €29.75 Tax excl.

Crestafix Poly-Fair® F26R Polyester Fairing Compound for the Marine and Tooling Industry

Poly-Fair F26 is a water resistant, low-density polyester-based fairing compound. Poly-Fair F26 has good adhesion to cured fiberreinforced polyester and vinylester laminates. Poly-Fair sands easily, gives a hard finish after a full cure, yet is not brittle and has good impact strength. Poly-Fair F26 is supplied as “R” regular version, “S” summer version.
€63.90 €77.32 Tax incl. €63.90 Tax excl.
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