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Urethane-Acrylic Resins

Urethane-acrylate resins

They are replacing fireproof polyester resins thanks to its better properties: mechanical, reactivity, fire resistance. They are specially designed for applications in closed mould: RTM, infusion and pultrusion.

Properties: Very fast curing. Excellent resistance to fatigue in laminations with carbon or glass fiber. Low viscosity. Good ability to impregnate fiber reinforcements. Excellent surface finish. Compatible with polyester gelcoats. Impact resistance. Greater rigidity than polyester and vinyl ester resins. Low shrinkage. Quick release.

Urethane Acrylate Resin Crestapol 1261, High Fire Resistance

Crestapol® 1261 is a high performance l ow viscosity urethane acrylate type resin to work with Carbon Fibre, Glass or any other reinforcement types, suitable for infusion, RTM and similar processes at room temperature. Crestapol® 1261 produces laminates with high strength and toughness with exceptional water and hydrolysis resistance.
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Crestapol 1260 Urethane Acrylate Resin

Crestapol 1260 is a low viscosity urethane acrylate resin for use in pultrusion, filament winding,  RTM and vacuum infusion applications. This is a tough resin, compatible for use with carbon fibre or any other fabric.
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Crestapol® 1211A Fire Resistant filled urethane acrylate resin

Crestapol® 1211A is a filled, partially accelerated, tough, urethane acrylate resin designed for applications requiring the highest levels of fire & smoke performance. It incorporates a selected grade of Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) which makes it suitable for the production of laminates where excellent fire resistance and low levels of smoke & toxic...
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