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Vinyl Esters

Vinyl ester resins

Vinyl ester resins


Higher chemical resistance and better physical properties than polyester resins. 

Better handling properties than epoxy and polyester resins.

Excellent resistance to fatigue.

Good impregnation of the reinforcements.

Good adhesion to the reinforcing fibers.

Resistant to corrosion, even in hot water.

Good fire resistance.

Laminatins with high resistance to water and harsh chemicals.

Fast curing.

Optimum performance is achieved when the laminatins are postcured at high temperatures (> 100 ºC)

Very used in the construction of composite tools.

ACT High Chemical Resistance Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinyl Ester ACT is a pre-accelerated thixotropic, high grade bisphenol A vinyl ester urethane resin.It which combines exceptional chemical resistance and an outstanding combination of heat resistance and flexibility. Furthermore Vinyl Ester ACT has very good handling and curing properties. Vinyl Ester ACT is resistant to many aqueous acidic salts and...
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Crystic VE679PA Hand Lay-Up Vinyl Ester-DCPD Resin

Crystic Resin VE679PA is a pre-accelerated thixotropic DCPD modified vinylester resin. Developed for use as a skin coat in marine and tooling applications. Excellent blister resistance and reduced print through.  It has a 23 minute geltime and is Lloyd´s Register approved.
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Crystic VE676T AC High Chemical Resistance Vinyl Ester Resin

Crystic Resin VE676 is an epoxy bisphenol A based, vinyl ester with excellent chemical resistance (acid, alkalies and oxidising agents). Suitable for many chemical processing applications (storage tanks, vessels, ducts) via a range of techniques (contact moulding, filament winding, injection moulding).
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X590AC High Chemical Resistance Vinyl Ester Resin

X590AC is an epoxy novolac based vinyl ester, dissolved in styrene. X590AC provides excellent thermal and chemical resistance against solvents, acids and oxidizing media like chlorine. The resin offers high retention of strength at elevated temperatures.
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