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Main Polyester resins in the market

Orthophthalic (ORTHO): are the cheapest and the most used but with the most limited properties.

Isophthalic (ISO): more expensive, better performance and with better mechanical and chemical properties, also very used, especially in nautical applications.

DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene): intermediate price. Widely used for multiple applications. Intermediate properties.

Features: Polyester resins are cheap and very easy to process. Low glass transition temperature (Tg). They contain volatile monomers. They show contraction. Maximum working temperature of approximately 130 ° C.

Applications: Manufacture of flat and corrugated sheets. Manufacture of toilets, bathtubs, shower trays. Bus and truck bodies. Sports boats. Wind blades. Castings for imitation of marble, stone, etc. Buttons, billiard balls, etc. Tanks, silos, pipelines, trellises .

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