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Carbo Spray masilla de poliéster pistola para piezas de carbono

Carbo Spray Polyester Putty for spray applications on carbon parts

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Polyester putty for spay applications ideal for carbon fibre parts refurbishing with surface pinholes.


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Transparent polyester putty for carbon parts.

It can be applied with a spatula or a spray gun.


          Adhesion on carbon laminates (On epoxy carry out a previous test, since each resin is different).
          Adhesion on polyester putty.
          Adhesion on GRP pieces.
          For filling small pores or small imperfections.
          Fast hardening.
          Non-porous surface.
          UV resistance - no yellowing.


To fill uneven surfaces (pores, sanding marks, and cavities).


VOC content: 2004/42 / IIB (b) (250): <250 g / l

Color: transparent pinkish but once catalyzed and applied it is colorless.


Surface: The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease for optimal adhesion.

Do not use Carbo Spray on the following surfaces: Wash Primer, Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Putties. This could cause a chemical reaction and the base could soften again.

Final finish: it is recommended to apply a varnish on the Carbo Spray.

Product preparation:

Add 2 - 2.5% by weight PMEC catalyst.

The components must be mixed perfectly, otherwise there may be increased sensitivity to moisture.

Diluent: In order to apply the putty by spray, the diluent ref. 148,234. Between 5% and 20%.

Application: Gravity gun, 2.5 mm Ø nozzle, at a working pressure of 2-3 bar.

Cleaning: The gun must be cleaned with acetone or the solvent itself directly after use, that is, within the product's hardening time.

Pot life of mix: At a room temperature of 18 ° C - 20 ° C: 20 minutes.


Room Temperature : 20° C

60 - 120 min


Room Temperature: 40° C

60 min


Room Temperature: 60° C

30 min


Room Temperature: 80° C

15 min

Before exposure to heat, respect a solvent evaporation time of 15 minutes!


After the specified drying time.

Pre-sanded: dry - with P 240 - P 360

Re-sanding: dry - with P 400 - P 600

Due to its high sensitivity to water, Carbon Spray must be sanded dry.

In case of wet sanding the water must be completely evaporated.



You can use the following CAR SYSTEM products, after applying Carbo Spray:

2K Epoxy High Speed ​​Primer, 2K Filler VOC 540, 2K Carbo Clear, Vario Fuller, Wet on Wet Filler, 1 K Filler.

An acrylic or polyurethane varnish.



Approx. 6 months at 18 ° C in the original container.

Supply type

Polyester putty with Carbo Spray spray x 1 liter (without solvent)

Polyester putty with Carbo Spray spray x 1 liter + 1 liter of solvent

5 Items

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