List of products by brand Diatex

T Connector for 16 mm pipes

Plastic T connector for pipes with an internal diameter of 15 mm. Ideal for connecting pipes in vacuum and infusion processes.

Dianet Net Bleeder 135 g/m2, 600 mm wide

Dianet 135 g/m2 is a net bleeder for infusion using any thermosetting resin: polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy or urethane-acrylate (Crestapol). Colour: white. Roll width: 600 mm.

PMP200 Solid Release Film 30 microns, 150 cm wide

PMP200 release film is manufactured from Polymethylpentene (PMP) copolymer resin (polyolefin family). It offers to manufacturers of composite products a material which will perform up to 200°C, depending on the specific application, for autoclave constructions. It suitable for the production of aesthetic carbon fibre composite parts when using prepregs...

INFUTAC Positioning Glue (Spray contact adhesive)

INFUTAC is a positioning glue or spray contact adhesive, ideal for holding in place the reinforcements when being laid up during the infusion and RTM processes.

PO160 Tubular Vacuum Bag 70 microns 250 mm wide (159,15 mm diameter)

Vacuum tubular bag made of copolymer PE CPA PE, green colour, ideal for all types of processes with thermosetting resins: urethane- acrylates, polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, etc. Ideal for infusion and vacuum bagging processes, developed also for prepregs oven curing at a maximun temperature of 160 °C.
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