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Carbon fibre 2/2 Twill 12 K of 600 g/m2
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600 gsm 2x2 Twill ZS 12K Carbon Fabric, 100 cm width

Carbon fabric of 600 g/m2 for high performance applications where high strength and low weight are required. Ideal for producing epoxy, vinyl ester and urethane-acrylate composite parts or tools by hand lay-up, infusion or RTM/ RTM light.
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50 gsm Plain Glass-Epoxy Prepreg VTC401-G50-STYLE 1080-50% RW, Width 1270 mm
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105 gsm Plain Glass-Epoxy Prepreg MTC510-G105-4HS-45%RW, 1270 mm wide

MTC510 is an epoxy resin system designed to cure between 80°C and 120°C allowing flexibility in component manufacture. It is a toughened epoxy resin system designed for component manufacturing that can be supplied on a variety of fabrics and in UD format.
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Recapoli 957TPA Orthopthalic Polyester Resin
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Recapoli 957TPA L2 Orthopthalic Polyester Resin

Recapoli 957TPA L2 is an easy-to-handle unsaturated polyester resin that can be used to make a large range of composite products. With Recapoli 957TPA L2 you can make durable parts in a cost-effective manner.  
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RAL 7037 Crystic® Gelcoat...
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RAL 7037 Crystic® Gelcoat GT-1000 ISO-NPG Spray Gelcoat

Crystic® Gelcoat GT-1000 is a high performance isophthalic neopentyl glycol gelcoat. This gelcoat is pre-accelerated and formulated for spray application. Crystic® Gelcoat GT-1000 has been approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.
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Disposable Plastic Mixing Stirrer
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Disposable Plastic Mixing Stirrer

Disposable mixing stirrers for paints, resins, gel & topcoats, putties, adhesives and so on. Lenght: 20 cm (7.87 in)
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Resoltech 2080M25 Syntactic Epoxy Foam
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Resoltech 2080M25/2086M 250 kg/m3 Syntactic Epoxy Foam

RESOLTECH 2080 M is a liquid foaming epoxy casting system formulated to produce low density, closed cell, strutural cores. RESOLCOAT 2080 M25 has a (free) expansion coefficient of 4.5, enabling the production of 250 kg/m3 epoxy foams. The slow, controled foaming reaction makes unnecessary the use of mixing machines like with PU foams – The low pressure of...
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165 g/m2 Plain Kevlar/Carbon Fabric, 120 cm width
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165 g/m2 Plain Kevlar/Carbon Fabric, 120 cm width

Aramid (Kevlar®) /Carbon hybrid woven fabrics combine the properties of both materials in each layer, delivering a high strength-to-weight ratio, high drapability, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and fatigue resistance.
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